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H2HYBRID is a revolutionary cultivation and irrigation concept that gets better yields with reduced costs. Our system can reduce 80% or more water tank volume while optimizing power consumption; all this to obtain better healthier and better yields in the fastest way. H2HYBRID is a hydroponic growing system, effective, sustainable and easy to use and operate.


Revolutionary system

H2HYBRID is the most effective irrigation and cultivation hydroponic system in the market; its concept lays on generating impacts in the nutrient solution, making currents that flow through the plant roots in a homogeneous way. The system can be built in easy to assemble benches with 3,5cm depth pools, reducing about 80% water volume needed compared to DWC systems.


Better yields

Plants produced under our H2HYBRID system need 20% less radicular system to reach commercial weight. In addition, our system optimizes sowing, transplanting and recollection, reducing time required to perform them.


Flexible set up

Cultivation benches for our H2HYBRID system can have flexible design; from 0,6m2 up to complete covering of greenhouse area. Thanks to its reduced water volume needed, set up is easy and fast. H2HYBRID is an applicable system to use for vertical farming production in booth, indoor and outdoor conditions.


Energy savings

Thanks to the patented irrigation system H2HYBRID, we can optimize oxygenation of nutrient solution while distributing evenly nutrients and oxygen to all plants in the set up. Our system reduces irrigation frequency compared to any other water based hydroponic systems, hence reducing operational costs.


Oxygenation and temperature

Oxygen levels in the nutrient solution are constantly replenished thanks to our patented irrigation system. Irrigation cycles distribute this oxygen throughout the plant roots, so we do not need additional aeration set up. All the parts in the system beds, tanks and cultivation plates are insulated, protecting the nutrient solution from light and surrounding environment, which contributes to an efficient control of water temperature and oxygen levels.

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